The Impact And Symbolism In ‘The Accountant’

The movie ‘The Accountant,’ directed by Gavin O’Connor and featuring Ben Affleck, blends both action and drama with the profession of accounting. Not merely about numbers and figures, the narrative deftly captures the personal journey of a gifted individual, hiding under the veil of indifference and banality.

Affleck’s character, Christian Wolff, is a man with high-functioning autism, who leads an unusual professional life. A math savant gifted with incredible analytical skills and hefty professional experience, Christian lives a double life. On one hand, he is a small-town, Illinois-based CPA, who helps local folks with their taxes and finances. On the other, he is a forensic accountant, examining books for the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations.

The movie successfully brings to the table the narrative that accounting isn’t just a mundane profession made for ‘normal’ individuals. It is also for those who are different, who have exceptional abilities, and can use their skills to make a significant impact. Based on the life of an accountant, the storyline is far from dull and captivates the audience throughout.

The movie’s dedication to the authenticity of accounting is remarkable. The methodological procedures performed by Wolff, the realistic environment of a small accounting practice, and the inclusion of contemporary financial issues, such as money laundering and embezzlement, all contribute to the authenticity of the movie.

Despite his excellent accounting skills, Christian was unable to connect with people due to his autistic characteristics. But one could hardly cast aside his career as a figurative echo to the professional lives of several accountants who often face similar challenges. His character could resonate with city accountants too. Take, for instance, small business accountants Newcastle. Just like Christian, they juggle numerous tasks, ranging from maintaining financial records, managing payroll, to minimizing tax liabilities, all the while maintaining professional ethics.

The portrayal of Affleck becoming an accountant, in spite of his condition, emphasizes how diverse and inclusive the profession actually is or can be. Naturally, one needs to have adequate financial knowledge, but the inclusion of a character with autism also underscores the importance of varied thinking in solving complex financial puzzles. For those working in the field of accounting, it offered validation of their erudition and significance they do carry.

Despite being an action thriller, ‘The Accountant’ has its subtle layers. Though Affleck’s character is far from typical, his profession is seen as one of the most mundane. In this contrast, the film delivers a strong message: no profession is uninteresting if it is looked upon through a wider prism.

Christian unearths financial discrepancies that law enforcement and intelligence agencies fail to notice. Emblematically, he embodies all accounting individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure business operations run smoothly, uncover financial frauds, and contribute to financial transparency.

‘The Accountant’ is not just a story about balance sheets and income statements. It is a tale of resilience, unusual talent, problem-solving, and, of course, accounting, delivering a compelling watch from start to finish. This movie admirably blends everyday practicalities with creative storytelling, thus appealing to both accountants and non-accountants alike.