Things You Should Avoid In Cleaning Your Carpet

Submitted by: Ma. Theresa Galan

This article will teach you basic things you should not do to help keep your carpets lasting longer. Specifically, this will discuss how stains should not be kept standing long, cleaning habits that should be avoided, and how saving money can actually cost you more. After reading this article, you will learn how not doing certain things you might be guilty of doing, can keep your investments giving you your money’s worth for a much longer time.

* Don’t Let Stains Dry up

When something spills onto your carpet – wine, soup, ketchup – clean it right away. Don’t let stains dry up because this will make it harder for you to clean them up. As soon as something spills onto your carpet, wipe it off and blot it out.


Use as much paper towels as you might need. If this is not available, you may also use pieces of cloth, clothing, or towels. Get whatever you have that can suck up liquid and solid materials and blot out immediately. Clean using less powerful types of soap such as carpet shampoo and liquid dishwashing soap. These types of soap will clean effectively and at the same time will not harm or destroy carpet fibers.

*Don’t Procrastinate, Vacuum Away!

It has always been a habit of a lot of busy homeowners to keep carpets un-vacuumed for long periods of time. Don’t do this! Carpets that are not cleaned will encourage bacteria and fungi growth. Molds might inhabit your carpets as well. From these, various ailments may fall upon you and your family. So vacuum as much as you can. Don’t put it off too long or simple vacuuming might not be enough to take out mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Even carpets that are not usually being used need vacuuming. Maybe not as much as those being walked on all the time, but you still have to vacuum and clean all carpets. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ll have to replace your carpets. Once a week to once a day depending on usage are right about the acceptable number of vacuum cleaning your carpets should be getting.

*Saving Money in the Wrong Areas

Getting the services of expert carpet cleaning companies might cost you money. But in the long run, having your carpets cleaned by professional cleaners can save your carpets, clean them well, avoid so many possible ailments, therefore saving you more money that you will actually shell out.

Another important factor to remember when hiring professional carpet cleaners is that you don’t have to hire the most expensive company you can find. This is because paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting better service. Research on the cleaning company, ask for referrals. Referrals are the best way to find out if they really deliver and offer value for money.

Love yourself and love your health. Don’t disregard your carpets and keep them clean, beautiful, and healthy.

About the Author: Graeme Stephens has been running the largest owned carpet cleaning companyin new Zealand for 24 years. IICRC qualified “master restoration technician”


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