The Temporary Happiness That A Retail Software Brings

Submitted by: Borisei Morris

These days it matters a whole lot when you have an edge – an edge ahead of everyone else, that is. For the tech savvy, it means having the latest gadget and knowing the latest buzz about computers and software. That is why the retail software of any gadget store is forever ringing. For the fashionista, it means standing out or being different, expressing yourself by the way you dress. For someone fond of cooking, it means being able to come up with the most unique and delectable recipes. Whoever loves to be ahead of others must always be on the lookout for competition.

If you have access to the POS Software of your favorite shopping store., you will find some interesting trends and shopping attitude patterns. Yes, the Retail Software of any store know all. It will make you wonder what it is that drives a consumer to buy such things, interesting but often unnecessary things. For some it may be boredom. Still for others it is because they do not want to be left out. In fact, they want to get ahead and have that edge compared to others.

Advertising truly plays a very powerful role in shaping the way a customer buys. Everywhere you look, billboards, magazines, television and radio commercials scream with advertisements about how to become more beautiful, more popular, more “in.” Making the retail software busy all the time. This scheme has a particularly big impact amongst the youth. Pressure is all around and they are pushed to prove themselves and not go against the crowd.


There was a reality show about teens wanting to become models. These teens felt the pressure to be number one – to compete and to win. Competition often means setting aside relationships or friendships. There is pressure to prove yourself worthy of the title. So teens their age wanted to be like them too. So what they did was that they went to the nearest shopping malls and made the POS software busy with all their purchases.

Pressure can be good, of course, if it drives one to become better and best. But too much of it is dangerous too, especially if one decides that it does not matter even if he steps on someone else’s toes, just as long as he gets ahead of everybody else. . But those who have reached the peak of what the world calls triumph are never satisfied. There is an endless craving for more – more achievements, more praise, more acknowledgments, more money, more awards. This is the very reason businesses thrive.

If mindset is changed only then can lifestyle change. Those who find themselves at the top will soon discover whatever they have achieved will never be enough to satisfy longings and cravings. When you make the POS software of your favorite store happy by shopping a lot, it may give you temporary happiness. In other words, I have learned and witnessed that getting ahead of others is an empty pursuit. It never truly satisfies. Of course, there is the constant need to change, to grow and outgrow ourselves but these should not lead us to conclude that popularity or gaining material wealth are ends in themselves.

This mindset will always make all the POS software in every retail outlet busy from all the purchases.

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