Texas Health Insurance The Difference Between Indemnity And Managed Care

By Jordan FeRoss

Health insurance in the state of Texas uses two types of health care coverage for policyholders. One is called indemnity coverage and the other one is called managed care. These health insurance coverage plans are used by employers. It is up to them as to which health care plan they will use.

With indemnity coverage, you have more of a choice in health care services. The other side of your health insurance in Texas is that you will pay more. It’s always been said that you have to pay for convenience. Since indemnity coverage is convenient, you will have to pay the price.

With managed care, this health insurance in Texas has restrictions, but you don’t have to pay as much for it as you would the indemnity coverage. It is up to the employer as to what they will offer their employees. If the employees decide on the costlier health insurance coverage, they have fork out the difference from the total amount.


Health insurance companies in Texas are responsible for providing the indemnity coverage. This health insurance coverage is used for doctor visits and hospital services. The policyholder has to make sure that the services are needed and that they are in line with policy rules.

On the other side of health insurance in Texas, more people are going to managed care because of the costs associated with indemnity coverage. This health insurance coverage does cost less than indemnity coverage and will cover some of the same medical services. Managed care costs less because they are able to work directly with doctors and medical facilities to offer services to policyholders at rates that have been hammered out between them. People are now starting to prefer the lower cost over the limited options, as rising costs have become a concern for many.

Health insurance companies or HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) are responsible for providing this kind of coverage. In fact, strict managed care coverage can only be provided by HMOs. This means that people that have this coverage are only allowed to get medical services from medical providers that are part of the HMO network. The only exceptions to this are unique medical situations and medical emergencies if you are not in an area where the network is located. In some cases, you would have to pay more outside of the network, but it can depend on the situation at hand. Among the health insurance companies in Texas, you will find some that offer managed care coverage.

If you do select an HMO as health insurance in Texas, you will have to choose a primary care doctor in order as part of the insurance coverage. The doctor that you choose will be responsible for your primary medical care. There are not many costs with an HMO because they only allow people to have the necessary medical services that are available within the coverage. There may be some things that may be complicated to you as far as the coverage policies are concerned. You’ll want to look through your guide or consult customer service that handles your health insurance policy.

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