Teeth Whitening: Right Way To Brighten And Whiten Your Smile

byAlma Abell

It’s no secret that whiter teeth can help your appearance and smile look brighter and whiter. Likewise, it’s not hard to realise why teeth whitening is a popular choice for many people and one of the most sought-after procedures from cosmetic dentists.

Natural And Human Causes


Primarily, your teeth are not going to be entirely white, even after visiting a dentist for the procedure. Most people have dingy-white teeth, but many have greyish or yellowed teeth. As they get older, their smile will get darker and darker. Likewise, you may notice discolouration because of surface stains from dark-coloured beverages and tobacco use. Teeth whitening options allow you to brighten and whiten your smile.


One of the most popular options is to bleach the teeth, but it’s not suitable for everyone. It works best on those with yellow teeth and no fillings. Many times, the products are peroxide-based. The peroxide bleaches the enamel and helps your teeth look whiter. Many over-the-counter products use a small amount of peroxide, but dentists can have up to 22 percent of peroxide, making them more effective and faster.


Primarily, over-the-counter products, such as gels, strips, toothpaste and rinses may help if you don’t have severe stains. However, they won’t work fast and can take months to notice a difference. Likewise, they may not work at all and may cause damage to sensitive teeth.

Dental Visits

The best and most effective way to whiten your smile is to visit a cosmetic dentist, such as Hills Dental Care. They have the tools and products necessary to get visibly whiter teeth in just one visit. In some cases, that visit is only an hour long, making it the perfect way to get bright pearly whites without much fuss.