Seeking Professional Independent Advice When You Compare Equity Release Plans}

Seeking Professional Independent Advice When You Compare Equity Release Plans


Jack NorrisIf you are in the process of comparing equity release products, you may well be aware of the fact that the websites that offer the free equity release calculators also allow you quick access to their own financial advisors. Many people will turn to these professionals in order to clarify any points on the equity release UK market that is not understood. These specialist equity release advisors will help guide you through the whole process involved. This really is all well and good, when you compare equity release plans, but there is one piece of vital advice that is about to be imparted within this article.It is fundamentally important to bear in mind that when you compare equity release deals with a view to taking out a product that will be secured against your property for the rest of your life, you approach this process in the most sensible manner. Of course, no one is saying here that the financial advisors connected to the companies offering equity release plans would ever mislead you – after all, that is exactly why the organisation SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) exists. To endeavor in ensuring professional and reputable practice is exercised across the industry, ensure the company you are interested in are affiliated with this trade body.However, there really is no harm in approaching an independent financial advisor who is highly experienced in the equity release UK market to cast their eye over the plan that you are strongly considering. This is important because the lifetime mortgage that is eventually taken out against your property could very well turn out to be the most important financial plan you ever have. So many factors will be affected by any equity release plan; from inheritance for your beneficiaries, to the amount of money you would receive as a lump sum or as an income on a monthly basis. At the end of the day, obviously, by instructing an independent financial advisor to cast their professional eye over the plan you have in mind, you will have to pay an advice fee for such a service. However, when you consider the fact that any lifetime mortgage product is likely to involve many tens of thousands of pounds, this really should be a very small price to pay just to ensure that everything is completely safe & above board. Therefore, as soon as you compare equity release products and find the plan that you feel the most happy with, get it checked out thoroughly and refrain from signing on the dotted line until you feel 100% confident and secure to proceed. This will ensure that whatever plan you sign up with in the future, will have been thoroughly checked out and you will have the complete peace of mind knowing what your future financial plans are, whilst also knowing that you are not leaving anything to chance. A quick search on the internet should give you some ideas on what to ask the advisers once you book a meeting with them.Equity Release Supermarket

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