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New marijuana users are trying the drug for the first time and as more states

like New York see the health benefits of a smokeless delivery method versus a

traditional smoking method, businesses and corporations are beginning to perfect

methods that do not involve directly inhaling a smoldering plant. For starters, the

market for marijuana edibles is exploding, particularly in those states that have

legalized cannabis for medical/recreational use. In Colorado for example, Cannabis

purchases by out-of-state visitors account for an estimated 44% of all retail sales in

the Denver area and about 90% in mountain resorts, according to a recent market

study commissioned by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Colorado’s largest maker of infused products, Dixie Elixirs, recently moved to a new

industrial building in Montbello with four times as much space as its former facility

in Stapleton. Another major firm, Medically Correct, is moving from a 1,200sqft

kitchen in the Platte Valley to a nearby building with 8,000 square feet. This also

includes production facilities for its “Incredibles-branded” chocolate bars as well as

space, to grow its own marijuana.

“We’re bursting at the seams,” said Medically Correct co-owner Bob Eschino. “Now

we think we’ve already outgrown this (new space) before we’ve even started. There

are other products we want to do but can’t come out with because we can’t even

keep up with demand for chocolate.”


As marijuana edibles allow users to “ease into the drug”, the vaporizer and e-liquids

space has just started to emerge for smokers to achieve a “cleaner high” and a

more healthy alternative compared to that of rolling a joint. There are a lot more

options available with customization, different e-liquids, and products that can heat

oth dry herb, liquid, and wax. Just as e-cigarettes have dramatically changed the

usiness of tobacco smoking, e-cig technology and vaping are bringing excellerated

change to cannabis markets.

Steve DeAngelo, a marijuana entrepreneur and activist who founded the Harborside

Health Center medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, told USA Today that “The

arrival of compact, portable, microprocessor-controlled vaporizers and advances in

extracting active ingredients from cannabis plants have caused a shift in consume


Some dispensaries such as his and many in Colorado, where recreational pot is legal,

now do roughly 50% of their business in raw marijuana leaf or flowers, and the rest

in edibles and concentrates, some prepackaged in cartridges for use in vape pens.

“The percentage of raw (pot) flowers we sell has been dropping steadily,” DeAngelo

said. “The percent of extracts and concentrates … has been rising steadily.”

The arrival of marijuana vaporizing goes hand in hand with the recent development

of highly concentrated forms of marijuana extractions in liquid both viscous and

waxy forms. Those concentrates are easily consumed through vaporization and are

used to fuel many of the vape pens on the market.

For most portable vape pens, they still require the same basic prep routine. First,

you mill a pinch of weed—using a “grinder”—until it’s almost powdery, which

ensures it will cook evenly and no oversized nuggets will get singed on the surface

while remaining raw in the middle. You shake this powder into the vape’s heating

chamber, turn on the device, and wait half a minute or thereabouts for it to warm

up. Then you commence inhaling. But as with portable vape pens, how can you

carry your weed, carry your grinder, carry your vape pen, and make sure you still

have room in your pocket for a cell phone?

The answer is simple and quite novel. Meet the Medtainer, the first air tight wate

tight storage container and grinder combination that can easily hang on a neck

lanyard or fit securely into a small bag. Provided by Acology Inc (OTC/QB: ACOL)

the Medtainer is the perfect product when on the go and for the unique situation

where a vape pen is used, the built in grinder is a perfect fit. The company’s

products can be found in more than 100 stores across the US. In a

ecent feature on VICE, the documentary shows that the average

American will be the one to consume cannabis by smoking the herb as

opposed to finding the right wax or e-liquid. Being that there is a patent

on the product and in light of recent growth for recreational legalization

or planned legalization in states like New York, it would seem that a

product like this will be taking a more active role. Investors around the

world can grab their piece of the Medtainer by finding information on

Acology Inc from a broker under the ticker symbol ACOL.

Said to be bigger than the explosion in mobile and nearing the same

precipice as tech in its early days, marijuana has started to effect how

other industries are designing operational strategy. Where once

cannabis users were limited to a dry herb or a medical license, today

you can travel to states and legally buy it from a store in a plethora

of options. Based on this new trend, the market has expanded from

just cultivation and over the counter sales to a full line of accessories

to enhance the experience. For investors looking at marijuana, there

are more alternatives to just investing in pot and the growth in the

secondary accessories market looks to be a viable option for both short

and long-term approaches.

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