10 Reasons Kettlebells Restore Your Youth

10 Reasons Kettlebells Restore Your Youth



Let me cut to the chase: You were not designed to sit on your rear end all day long. That is why it’s flat. And possibly even flat. And yup, that is also the reason you have a gut or a tummy or lovehandles or what-have-you.Sorry to be so negative right off the bat, but your time is valuable and I value it – that’s why I want to notify you to the problem right away.So what were you designed to accomplish?

Move around!

One of the best forms of movement to combat sitting is kettlebell training. You may have heard of kettlebells, they seem to be the in thing right now, but they have actually been around over 300 years and have been used by everyone from circus strongmen to athletes to moms.You should use kettlebells too.

Here are 10 reasons why:


1.Kettlebells stretch out and open up your hips which get locked down from sitting for hours.

2.Kettlebells reinforce your lower back which gets aggravated from sitting all day and helps prevent lower back injuries.

3.Kettlebells reinforce your abs helping you get rid of that stomach, that tummy, and that back flab.

4.Kettlebells reinforce your legs, enabling walking, standing, squatting, lunging, running, and climbing stairs so much easier.

5.Kettlebells reinforce your heart and lungs, helping you protect against heart disease.

6.Kettlebells help you burn off unwanted body fat and flab, helping you once again get rid of that stomach, that pooch, and those lovehandles.

7.Kettlebells help restore your posture by strengthening the muscles that run up and down the spine – your postural muscles.

8.Kettlebells give you energy by helping you get rid of unwanted body fat, reducing the amount of “extra baggage” you have to carry around.

9.Kettlebells reinforce your shoulders, which aid in improving your posture and other pursuits such as running, walking, etc.

10.Kettlebells are just plain FUN! The basic exercise – the Swing – is just fun to do! It makes you feel great and makes exercise and fitness not so tedious and mundane.

Now, go grab a kettlebell and start turning back the hands of time. You’ll feel younger and move much better in 30 days or less.

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